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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.


Perfect School

May 8 2007

Editor’s note: Sean wrote this as part of a school project and in response to his classmate’s idea of a perfect school. An ideal senior high school is one that embraces individuality, but also challenges students with structure and conformity. A student can only truly achieve success when they do so both individually and under […]

Perfect School

April 9 2007

Editor’s note: Alliya, a sophomore at ARTECH in Northfield, wrote this essay on her vision of a perfect school after reading The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn. See also her classmate’s perception of an ideal school. When I think of a perfect school, I fundamentally think of a community of self-motivated learners. I think […]

Image: Fair Trade

March 11 2007

Editor’s note: This editorial drawing was originally submitted to Charter Vision in October 2004. It was, however, never published in our print edition and is now being released online. It was created by Charlie Hussman, a now-graduate of Northfield School of Arts and Technology. The full-resolution image is also available.

The Boring Web

February 25 2007

Editor’s note: This article was originally written for Sean’s tech-oriented weblog, Redirect. Sean has served as Charter Vision’s chief editor since 2005 and as a general volunteer since 2003. The internet isn’t all that interesting. At least not visually. This thought strikes me every now and again when I’m flipping through a magazine. Large, gripping […]

Thoughts on Religion

February 15 2007

Editor’s note: Twelve students from Northfield School of Arts and Technology, including Sean, participated in a week-long writing retreat, during which they wrote everything from poetry to short to stories to editorials. This was one of the items produced on the retreat. Also note that this is one of two “Seans” attending the school — […]

Cat on a Leash

February 15 2007

Editor’s note: Tim Goodwin is the academic director of Northfield School of Arts and Technology, ironically the first charter school to be approved for Q-Comp. This article was originally written in September 2005 for the school’s weblog. It has been reprinted with permission. One morning after leaving the coffee shop, heading off to school I […]

The First Vote Cast

February 15 2007

Editor’s note: Rose Card is a senior at Northfield School of Arts and Technology (ARTECH) and a member of Charter Vision’s student editorial board. The illustration featured on the home page and at the bottom of this page was also drawn by her. I’d never been politically inclined. I knew the name of our president, […]


May 2005

MAAP STARS is a youth program where students from alternative and charter schools get together and compete for plaques and other awards. There is a conference in the spring, which expands over two days. Students show their talents to gain self esteem, confidence, friends, and awards. At the conference, students compete in teams and individually. […]

Why I Switched Schools

February 2005

Before I switched schools, I went to the middle school. Now I go to the Village School. A lot of people might think it’s dump even if they haven’t tried it before. But they’re wrong. I think the Village School is fun. Some of the things I like are not very many rules, and the […]


May 2004

Minnesota is one of the few states where wolves still exist in the wild. The timber wolf, also known as the eastern gray wolf, lives in the northern part of the state. Wolves are so important to many Minnesotans that our professional basketball team is named the Timberwolves. Recent studies show that there are between […]