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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.


Perfect School

April 9 2007

Editor’s note: Alliya, a sophomore at ARTECH in Northfield, wrote this essay on her vision of a perfect school after reading The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn. See also her classmate’s perception of an ideal school. When I think of a perfect school, I fundamentally think of a community of self-motivated learners. I think […]

The Boring Web

February 25 2007

Editor’s note: This article was originally written for Sean’s tech-oriented weblog, Redirect. Sean has served as Charter Vision’s chief editor since 2005 and as a general volunteer since 2003. The internet isn’t all that interesting. At least not visually. This thought strikes me every now and again when I’m flipping through a magazine. Large, gripping […]

Thoughts on Religion

February 15 2007

Editor’s note: Twelve students from Northfield School of Arts and Technology, including Sean, participated in a week-long writing retreat, during which they wrote everything from poetry to short to stories to editorials. This was one of the items produced on the retreat. Also note that this is one of two “Seans” attending the school — […]

The Best Amber Alert Ever

May 2005

Available soon.

A Spectacular Trip!

May 2005

On Thursday, February 17th, 2005 the 3rd and 4th grade class went on a field trip to the KDWB radio station. We made a commercial for our school to get other kids to come to our school. We also went on a tour of KDWB. The radio station wasn’t what I expected at all. It […]

Five Things in Buying a Guitar

May 2004

Buying a guitar isn’t easy at all. You need to know what to look for in a guitar, like how it sounds or how it feels. Here are five things you should look for in a guitar: What kind of sound board does the guitar have? Nothing is more important, and nothing affects the sound […]

Proud of My Dad

May 2004

I am really proud of my daddy. He is a Master Sergeant in the National Guard. He has been sent to Bosnia to serve our country. This is an interview I had with him. Q: Why are you in Bosnia? A: Our mission is to stabilize and consolidate the peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and […]

My Dream for the Future

May 2004

My dream, My reality, My way, Will I have anytime to play? I will work hard everyday… To be a dancer in every way, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hmm, I bet nobody can top that! Or maybe I’ll be an actress or judge, And when people think they’re better, They’ll think twice to budge. […]

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