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Why I Switched Schools

Chelsea (Village School of Northfield) Originally published February 2005

Before I switched schools, I went to the middle school. Now I go to the Village School. A lot of people might think it’s dump even if they haven’t tried it before. But they’re wrong. I think the Village School is fun. Some of the things I like are not very many rules, and the discipline. One of the rules is to sign out before you leave. Another one is to be respectful to people.

The Village School’s discipline is a lot different than regular schools. The Village School works out the problem rather than giving detention or something. If the people can’t work it out they go to RJC, which is Restorative Justice Committee.

At first when I went there I thought no one wanted me there. But it just takes time to get used to new people. Some students get mad at teachers and others really easily. But we have many solutions to that problem. Some students are kind and say, “Please stop.” Others are swearing at them but always say sorry after.

We don’t have many rules. The Village School is about freedom.

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