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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.

March 2007

Liberty High goes to NYC

March 30 2007

Writer’s note: Ten Liberty High students — myself included — took a trip to New York City this past December, along with three teachers. We went for four days. We stayed at The Belnord Hotel in Manhattan we were supposed to stay at The Grant Hotel but it closed the day before and nobody told […]

The Fire

March 17 2007

Red, gold, copper, hews, Her face lights up In the embers skew Dancing and twirling Around the fire Her eyes reflect Her burning desire The flames grow higher As her heart pounds louder She moves like the wind Free and somber.

Mobius Trip

March 15 2007

Editor’s note: This poem was written by Adrienne White, a senior at ARTech in Northfield. I. We’ll get to the bottom of this on an empty stomach, on an emptied day When boredom struck 1200 mils when boredom struck gold, golden fabric curtains Killing time released from the twisting of caps we’ll make a toast […]

Image: Fair Trade

March 11 2007

Editor’s note: This editorial drawing was originally submitted to Charter Vision in October 2004. It was, however, never published in our print edition and is now being released online. It was created by Charlie Hussman, a now-graduate of Northfield School of Arts and Technology. The full-resolution image is also available.

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