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Liberty High goes to NYC

Brittany (Grade 12 / Liberty High) Posted March 30 2007
Writer’s note: Ten Liberty High students — myself included — took a trip to New York City this past December, along with three teachers. We went for four days. We stayed at The Belnord Hotel in Manhattan we were supposed to stay at The Grant Hotel but it closed the day before and nobody told us. We saw all the tourist stuff like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Central Park, and the Empire State Building — all of which was great, but one of the most fun things was just riding on the subway. Overall, the trip was awesome and I hope I can go back some day.

Liberty High students in front of the State of Liberty

What two other student had to say:

Megan McDonald (grade 11): On the trip to New York we had so much fun I had a great time walking all over New York city. We took the subway to some places but for the most part we walked. What I liked most about the trip was that all the people that went with were fun and every one got along with everyone. There was grand central station at was amazing, the hotel sucked bad, central park was good but we weren’t their for a long time. So over all New York was fun but we didn’t spent enough time there.

Mike Mitchell (grade 12): New York was amazing we had so much fun walking the streets and taking the subway to and from places. My favorite place was the art museums were we saw the paintings of one of are teachers Peter Victorine. I also enjoyed our visit to central park were we saw the memorial for John Lennon which was cool because my dad really wanted a pitcher of it. The day that we went to the Brooklyn bridge and it was pouring rain and we got so wet and all of our pitcher looked so bad but it was still fun. I was sad the day that we left because I was hoping we would have more time to walk around and do stuff because it was warm and sunny most of the time.

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