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Carleton College Students Help Out at New Spirit School

Jeenue (Grade 07 / New Spirit) Originally published February 2005

There were 25 students from Carleton College helping out the teachers clean up for the first day of school. These are volunteer students from Carleton College who took time to help the teachers decorate the school. The volunteers helped out at New Spirit Primary on the 4th and 5th of September. They were at the primary school from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

The 25 college students helped by washing all the windows in the school, cleaning the hallway, gym/lunchroom, ELL room, music room, and the library. They helped the teachers set-up their classrooms, put up decorations and set up computers. The college students also helped pick up trash around the school and helped out there, but mostly they were working the primary school.

All of the students from Carleton College worked very hard to make the primary school look as nice as it can be. The 25 students were divided into five different groups. Each group had its own task. When a group was finished with their task they would either find a new task to do or help out another group.

All of the students from Carleton College enjoyed helping out at New Spirit, and we, New Spirit students, really appreciate that they were here to help us. We would like to give them our thanks and appreciation to all 25 students and any of their staff/teachers from Carleton College for coming to help us prepare for our first day of school.

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