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Erica and Mick

Unknown School) Originally published February 2005

On Thursday September 30, 2004, a tragedy struck Lakes Area Charter School. Six students were on their way home from school and had a one car roll-over accident. Erica Johns, 13, died at the site. At the time this was rap was written Michael “Micky” Kaplor, 16, was in Hennepin County Medical Center in critical condition. He later died; on October 23. Codey and Tim wrote a rap to help deal with the grief.

Its hard Im still tripping,

Coulda went so far now u missin

Soul flyin, wanna hold ur hand,

Like a sis, im denyin it happened

How could you be took, hard to look

Im shook, I feel misunderstood,

No one understands, turn back time

Make a plan, see your eyes, try to

Be a man, sit and cry, make demands

Never wanna see your epitaph.

Wish I could go back and change the past, but I know I cant, I try to adapt but micks

Still in a trance, peeps are slippin to the atha side, cause of a crash

anotha tear I cry in the mist getting the facts, goin crazy startin to snap

Accidents happen, god why u got

Me snappin, Its evident they’ll all live on through my rappin, its hard to face a

Day when all u see is graves,

In the light of the night and deep in the day 2 times

If I could turn back time let it all unwind,

I would never let you go

I held you close like my little sista

Even though your gone its still hard to miss ya

Holdin your hand walking you home

Ida never let you go

Now that your gone its time that goes so slow.

If we new you’d be gone we’d a never let you go

You were thirteen leavin us behind.

We wish you were here so you could wipe away all our tears.

You were only thirteen it’s hard for us to dream

Why does life have to be so mean.

(Chorus 2times)

Mky’s still asleep wishin you were here

But all we can do is sit and wait anticipating

Livin in fear

Every time I hear name it makes me wanna just break down in tears

Micky wont wake up he’s stuck in his sleep

They don’t no whats gonna happen so

All we do is sit and keep on rappin

All we can do is sit and wait and anticipate

I wish this all would end, wish it all away

Cause we lost to more friends Thursday

Man it seems like you wont make it

But im prayin keeping my faith hoping you can take it

Waitin with anticipation minds

still racin

Ur status is escalating

(Chorus 2times)

We was all so close like sista and bros

Every body knew everybody no clicks that’s why it sticks

When this happened and that’s we were sittin here rappin

Its kinda funny how everything can be fine

One second and bad the next we’s all depressed

Its like a nightmare can’t wake up

And I no life aint fair

But why’d he take that girl she had her whole world and life in front of her,

And wonder how he can take everything

Mick’s still alive but not really with us

Know that were done we hoped youd listen

In Loving memory of Erica Ann Johns and Michael James Kaplor

One Response to “Erica and Mick”


    The Lakes Area Charter School is a great school.TIM an CODEY wrote this to help with their feelings little did they know they were writing for all who knew ERICA an MICK.As a mother I hope teens read this and learn from it.Life is short slow down don’t miss a thing,cause before you know it’s to late.Read the words to this rap it is loud an clear an it is from the heart.