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Ag and Food Science Academy New School

Norah (Ag and Food Science Academy) Originally published February 2005

Has anyone been wondering about the new school building? If you have been, then we have the article with information you must be dying to know! We will be moving into the new school building in fall of 2005. It will be located in Vadnais Heights on 100 East Vadnais Lake Blvd. To find out more information, we asked Ms. Meyer a few questions about the new building.

We were informed that The Student Change Committee along with people from each advisory will help decide how the advisories will be set up. They will not have the last word on the decision, but their input will be strongly considered. Ms. Meyer also told us that we will no longer be sharing a building with Family Academy, because they moved into a new building this last year. We asked how many students we are expecting to attend AFSA in the year 2005, Ms. Meyer said, “We are expecting 200 for the first year, but our maximum for the school in the future is 300 people, never more than that.”

A major piece of information many students have been curious to find out is if we will be having more sports teams, for example hockey and football. She told us that we are looking into more sports teams, but it wouldn’t be sports teams just with ourselves. We would be joining with other charter schools. We also asked if there would be more space for each individual person. Ms. Meyer said that part of the upstairs will be for our desks, though we won’t be spending as much time working at our desks. She says that there will be more hands-on projects so we will have more space to do those.

We decided to ask one last question. We asked Ms. Meyer what will be available at the new building, that we don’t already have at our building now. She said that we won’t be sharing the land/building with anyone. There will be more really nice science labs, a gymnasium, and over all there will just be a lot more options for AFSA students.

The new building really sounds like it will be different, but definitely different in a good way. More opportunities, space, people, sports, and believe it or not, even more exciting challenges that we will be facing every single day at AFSA in the year 2005.

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