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Student Reflects on Black History Month

Archie (Grade 05 / Harvest Preparatory) Originally published March 2004
Editors’ Note: Harvest Preparatory School is located in Minnepolis, MN and serves students in grades K-6.

Back History month is a very important event. It is held in February. A man named Dr. Carter G.
Woodson created Black History Month. There are three reasons why Black History Month is important. First, Black History Month is a time to remember how African Americans have struggled through slavery and segregation. Secondly, Black History Month is a time to keep a sense of pride and identity of who you are. I also think that Black History Month is important
because it helps us learn about our heritage.

A lot of Africans have been a victim of slavery and segregation. Black History Month is a time to
remember those people who helped stop segregation and slavery. One of those people was Harriet Tubman. She was an African American woman who helped free more than 250 slaves. She was also a run away slave. Once slavery ended some slaves chose to continue to be slaves for their masters.

One can learn about African American History by reading books. One also can ask their relatives about their life experience. Other wise one can listen to the lyrics in certain songs. Sometimes the song explains their ancestor’s life or culture. One of those songs is “I Know I Can” by Nas. That song explains that African American Children can be anything that they want to be if they work hard at it.

Black History Month helps us learn more about are heritage. Black History Month is an important event. It has been celebrated for over than 78 years. It’s a period were you can spend time with your family and learn something. I’m glad that Dr. Woodson created Black History Month.

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