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The Fo-Sho

Matt (High School for the Recording Arts) Originally published February 2005

The High School for Recording Arts has many interesting music projects and classes, from the students recording their own music and making their own beats, to the business of music. Now HSRA has added a new interesting class for students; a radio program called the Fo-Sho.

The Fo-Sho will air on B96 every Sunday at 8 a.m. starting Sunday October 3 2004. What makes the fo-show so interesting is the fact that the ones on the radio will be the students, and better yet, student artists at HSRA create all the music that is played on the Fo-Sho.

There are six students in the radio show, Tommy, Diablo, Kiesha, Asia, Lady Red, and Lee Lee. I asked these six students at HSRA a few questions about the Fo-Sho. The first question I asked was, “What does the foshow mean?” They said the Fo stands for the four principles at HSRA; Family, Respect, Community, and Education.

Another question I asked was, “What is the purpose of the Fo- Sho?” They responded with, “To showcase the talent at HSRA, to tell the community about the school and give students perspective on happenings in the community.”

The last question I asked the students in the class was, “How do students get their music played on the Fo-Sho?” They said all you have to do is submit your music to the class and they will vote; in the voting process the majority rules.

Keep your ears open and your radio tuned to B96 on Sunday October 3rd [2004] for the first show and the talent from HSRA. Also, I would like to thank Kathy Harris who is the director of the program for letting me do an interview and for putting this program together. Another thanks goes to Pepsi for sponsoring them.

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