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What Will You Do Because of Dr. King

Dafina (Grade 05 / Harvest Preparatory) Originally published May 2004

Because of Dr. King, I will use his dream to continue my education. I’m blessed to know that somebody tried to make a better life for themselves and their African American future. Not only has Dr. King’s dream come true, but also others who strived during the Civil Rights Movement to make a better life. Now I have the opportunity to accomplish my dreams for future generations.

I believe that because of Dr. King’s dream, education is the only way to erase racism, sexism and all other prejudices people may have. By educating myself I help eliminate stereotypes and prejudices. By educating myself I can be whatever I want to be. I can work at one of the best jobs. I can have the best life that I can ever have.

I will use my advantages to be one of the many African-Americans to go to college. Not just any college but one of the great historically black colleges or universities. My family and friends have strived to help me be where I am today. I keep that thought in my heart and brain to realize what I need to do to accomplish my dreams and goals in life.

Every year on January 15th, I feel more and more grateful to be a part of Dr. King’s dream. I have the opportunity to gain an education as an African-American woman. Dr. King’s spirit and struggles stay in my heart. And because of their struggles, that strives me to remember that I’m not like everyone else. I’m a black woman who needs to do and be her best to achieve Dr. King’s dream of excellence.

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