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Bus Strike Hurts Charter Schools

Megan (Grade 11 / Avalon) Originally published May 2004

On March 4, 2004, the Metro Transit bus drivers, mechanics, and schedulers went on strike over wages, health care, and retirement benefits. The strike greatly affected Twin City charter schools. Students in the Twin Cities depend on the busses to get to school, the mall, or their friend’s houses, and without the busses, they could not go anywhere. Many students were not able to attend school because of the strike, and many students had to change their schedules or to find other ways to get to school, such as carpools, walking, or biking. Avalon School opened at 7:30 am and the doors closed at 6:00 pm, to allow for students whose parents needed to drop them off on their way to and from work. The teachers and students put in much longer hours. Some schools, such as Jennings Experiential High School and The High School for the Recording Arts, both in St. Paul, shared busses so their students could attend classes.

A few students were actively involved in rallies for the bus drivers, in the picket lines, and donating money and food for the strike’s food bank. The union and the Metropolitan Council reached an agreement Friday, April 18, and busses were back in service on Monday, April 20, 2004 making it much easier on students and staff at our charter schools.

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