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Representative from Matt Entenza’s Office

Varneisha and Jasmine (Grade 05 / Sojourner Truth) Originally published March 2004

On February 2nd, 2004, a representative from Matt Entenza’s office visited
Sojourner Truth Academy. The representative, Ann Miller, agreed to grant an interview.

Ms. Miller really likes her job, she thinks it is rewarding. She believes academics are important, and she supports charter schools. She thinks they give students more freedom to choose. She said they are trying to develop bills to help charter schools get more money.

Ms. Miller has worked for Matt Entenza for two years. When she started working, she worked on campaigns to help people become elected. She would like to focus on education and help kids succeed. She believes uniforms and learning a second language are important. Ann Miller says
she likes working for Matt Entenza and states that her hero is Eleanor Roosevelt.

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