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One Second More

Unknown School) Originally published March 2004

Just one second more, one more minute in the day, is the thoughts I have when I see your face.

I say hello as you walk by, but you say nothing for you are shy. The same thoughts come back that I can’t ignore as I think to myself “Just one second more.” I want you back, ’cause I miss you so much, I miss the feeling of your gentle touch. The look of my hand when it’s held tight in yours, then the thought comes back just one second more.

Just one second more, only a few minutes to go. If someone asked if you missed me would you say yes or no? If I were to cry would you wrap me tight in your arms? If I were scared would you guard me from harm? Yet still the thought arrives again, how many minutes will I have to spend?

I just got off the phone with your mom. She said you’re hurt, and they aren’t sure you’ll live long. I rush to the room that read, “Emergency” on the door. When I hear the doctor say, “He hasn’t got but one second more.” We walk into the room to say our goodbyes. Your mom whispers, “Hurry, you don’t have much time.” My mouth goes dry, my heart starts to pound! I try to speak with your family gathered ’round.

I spit out the words “I love you so much,” as my eyes fill with tears and my heart is crushed. I try to be strong I try not to shout, “What does God want you for!” Then the thought makes me freeze… just one second more. I think about what life is worth, as I lay flowers on the fresh mound of earth.

I go back and think about the times that we had, when the thought hit me why I shouldn’t be sad. For if God hadn’t given me that one second in time I wouldn’t have gotten to say.

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