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RiverBend Academy celebrates Presentation Night

Unknown School) Originally published March 2004
Editors’ note: Riverbend Academy is a project-based school located in Mankato, MN serving students in grades 6-12. Project-based education is a specific learning model where students pursue projects based on their interests. Through those projects, students earn credits which are applied to the state’s graduation standards.

RiverBend Academy’s Presentation night was February 12th, 2004. There was a lot going on at this Presentation Night. We had our very first play of the year here. It was called “Blessings” and it was directed by Carey Martin-McLaughlin. There were seven students performing in it, they’re as followed Claire Stoltman-Hamilton who played “René,” a freshmen in high school with severe dyslexia; Aubrey Stoltman-Hamilton who played Maggie, René’s mother; Matt Croce who played Randy, Maggie’s Brother; Zachary Redfield who played Charlie, Randy’s best friend from High School; Coley Deegan who played Angela, Charlie’s girlfriend; Catlin Kloss who played Katie, Charlie’s daughter; Tom Will who played Jesse, a twenty-nine year old craftsman. It was performed as a Talk Radio play. Out of five stars, I would give them four stars on their performance.

There was also award given to students from the staff members, the following got the awards: Bryan Croce for Academic Achievement (9th grade), April Edwards for Best Effort Shown (12th grade), Laura Saari for Best Effort (10th grade), Jeff Stevens for Academic Achievement (8th grade), Jenni Stevens for Project Completion (10th grade), and Tom Will for Academic Achievement (12th grade).

Also before the presenting started there was a great performance by Lucid Dreams, which played two songs for us. The members of that band are Sarah Bush on Bass, Matt Croce on Guitar, Zach Redfield on Keyboard and Vocals, and Caitlin Kloss on Vocals.

There were about thirty projects that were presented last night. The projects were as original as the students. Projects range from Pearl Harbor by Tyler Anderson to Jerry Garcia by Cody Ybarra.

All readers are invited to join us at the next presentation night on April 1st, 2004. There will be a potluck and lots of fun and entertainment and another chance to see all the RBA students’ creativity!

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