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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.

Changes in Law Help Fuel Growth in Numbers of Schools

School Year Schools Operating Legislative Changes
1990-91 0 First charter law passed; district only chartering; limit of 8 schools
1992-93 1 Cap raised to 20 schools; appeal to state board added
1993-94 5 Cap raised to 35 schools
1994-95 13 Public college sponsorship (up to 3 schools); overall cap raised to 40 schools; transportation revenue added
1995-96 16 Compensatory (low income student) aid added
1996-97 18 All caps removed; private college sponsors added; lease aid/start-up aid added
1997-98 24 Intermediate district sponsors added; lease aid increased
1998-99 36 Integration/referendum aids added; lease aid increased
1999-00 53 Non-profit organization and foundation sponsors added; sponsors allowed to charge schools for oversight role
2000-01 67 New provisions regarding conflicts of interest, financial management training and audit requirements added, state charter school advisory committee created
2001-02 67 Mainly technical changes
2002-03 77 Advisory board role changed; conditions set for expanding sites or adding grades; teacher leaves from districts limited to five years; Lease aid and start-up aid reductions
2003-04 88 Proposals for additional sponsors; building ownership; extra-curricular access; making teacher majority optional
2004-05 104 (est) Ongoing efforts will be needed to meet ongoing legislative goals — particularly around equitable funding and annual appropriations for facilities and start-up aid, as well as efforts, as needed, to repel proposals to limit the growth and autonomy of charters
2005-06 130 (est) Longer-range issues will also include creatively addressing the facilities needs of charters, creating new ways of organizing and financing extra-curricular activities, creatively addressing transportation and distance learning challenges and opportunities, financing the role of sponsors and encouraging more proactive chartering by districts

Increases over time