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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.

Charter School Portal


Welcome to the Charter School Portal. More content will be added in the future, but be sure to try out our charter search (below), our comprehensive charter law section, and our curriculum for using Charter Vision in the classroom.

Search Minnesota’s Charter school websites

This search lets you scour all of Minnesota’s charter school’s individual websites, plus great general charter school information sources like the Center for School Change, EdVisions, and the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools.

What are charter schools?

Charter schools are public schools that are founded to give students an alternative option for their education, whether in elementary school, junior high, or senior high. Though they’re funded by taxes, they operate completely separately from regular public schools. This division gives them the independence to try new and innovative methods of teaching and helping students who have different paces of learning, or needs that aren’t targeted by most schools. While there are many charter schools that are partly or purely project-based, others are can be quite traditional. In the majority of the cases, though, they offer opportunities like the option to graduate early or giving chances for students who have fallen behind to catch up.

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