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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.

Charter Experiences

Diversity in the School Zone

November 2003

We as humans should get T-shirts that read, “Diverse. Period.” For that is what we are: diverse. We can’t help it. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. Enough of that, though. What I want to talk about is charter school student diversity. In most schools, we are the people who have been […]

Outcast Student Finds Home at Avalon

November 2003

Editors’ note: Gretchen Sage-Martinson, an advisor at Avalon High School submitted this article by one of her students who was responding to the prompt, “How does going to Avalon affect you as a student?” The writer wished to remain anonymous. Going to school used to feel comparable to walking into a hospital waiting room. The […]

Never Give up — Even if Others Give up on You

November 2003

At this very moment, I feel very frustrated. There is a fly buzzing around my face, my head is pulsing with pain, and I have a lot to do in very little time. If this was last year, I would have given up by now; my car would be running and I would have raced […]

PACT Groundbreaking Brings Back Memories

November 2003

As PACT breaks ground on a new building, a long-time student reminisces about the classrooms she knows so well I am presently a senior at PACT; this is my seventh year at this school. Everything that has been happening lately, leading up to and after the groundbreaking, has caused me to look back on all […]

Playing as a Team

November 2003

Editors’ note: The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) recently approved a cooperative agreement between ARTech (Northfield) and Northfield High School, an arrangement that allows ARTech students to participate in the NHS athletic program. A great many charter schools in Minnesota are struggling to forge similar agreements with their local districts. In this piece, Nell, […]

Starting a Charter School

November 2003

Editors’ note: Kent Nerburn is a writer who lives in Bemidji, Minnesota. He has participated in the founding of Schoolcraft Learning Community and TrekNorth High School. He served as board chairperson of Schoolcraft for two years, and remains on their board as the last founding member. As a grizzled veteran of the charter school movement […]