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Bryan (Skills for Tomorrow) Originally published March 2004

Today is winter day of January 14th, 2004.
There is white stuff outside on the ground.
When you look outside you see slushy roads.
There is hot coca waiting for you when you get cold.
When you go outside you should have on, a heavy coat, a claves on,
Snow boots on, hats on, you need these on to go out side.
Some kids will fall down and throw.
There are worm places to go into.
Your car will be frozen all night long.
You will see snowplows driving down the roads so that kids
Can get to school.
When winters comes there is gray skies out there.
Some cars will make black ice so people
Cannot see it at all.
On my home I will have a running Norse.
Have fun on the winter day on Wednesday January 14th.

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