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Fourth and Fifth graders celebrate expedition at Schoolcraft

Heidi's Fourth and Fifth Grade Crew (Schoolcraft) Originally published March 2004

The 4/5 crews from Schoolcraft Learning Community in Bemidji had an expedition on January 22 to showcase their hard work from their expedition A New World.

When our guests first arrived they entered into our ship, which we built based on the book To the Edge of the World by Michelle Torrey. We had read this book for literature circles during our expedition. The book was based on Magellan’s journey around the world and was the backbone of our celebration. We made and served a meal to our guests similar to what the sailors ate on
their voyage around the world. We served worm burgers, which squiggled down our guests throats, raw island turtle eggs (potatoes), deviled rats (eggs) complete with bones and fur, and maggot stew that wiggled away. Our beverage of the evening was three-month old barrel water (lemonade). Finally to end the meal we served slimy slug pudding, which left a slime trail across our guests’ plates.

During the study of our expedition everyone researched an explorer. With the study of the explorers we did many projects. One of the projects was a song which each of the two crews made and sang after the dinner. Each song included instruments and a rhyme from each of us. After the songs, each crew split up to opposite sides of the ship to give individual presentations about the explorers. Every student also made a model head of their explorer out of paper mache and also a creative project having to do with their explorer. Some of the projects were model
ships, display boards, games, and dioramas. All of our projects, along with our model heads, were on display at our exhibition. The exhibition was a lot of work, but it was a great success so it was all worth it.

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