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Bikram yoga

Michael (Grade 12 / Liberty High) Posted February 16 2007

Bikram yoga is a form of yoga that is done in a room with temperatures of 130 degrees [fahrenheit]. The yoga poses are all the same as “cold yoga,” as we call the standard yoga here at Liberty High Charter School. Bikram yoga is helpful to different parts of the body because you can go deeper in to the pose, so it’s more helpful for the muscles that are being worked on. If you do Bikram yoga, you will want to be sure you have a bottle of water so you have something to hydrate yourself, because if you don’t have a bottle of water then it makes it really heard to continue. I think that water is the best thing to have in yoga because if you have Gatorade or anything that has surge in it it can make you sick or even make it hard to move on in the class. I like Bikram yoga a lot. It’s so much fun, and after we leave the class the teacher takes us to the Mermaid and we get lunch.

In conclusion, I think that Bikram yoga is a positive, healthy way to get a good work out, if you like the heat. That’s the hardest thing to get used to, but the poses are all easy, like you would do in beginner yoga.

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