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My Favorite Childhood Toy

Alan (Skills for Tomorrow) Originally published May 2005

When I was a little boy, I had a toy from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. There was Sonic and there was Tails. My big brother Luke, had Sonic and I had Tails. Tails was a fox with two tails and that is where he gets his name.

My mom, Luke, and I were going to the mall. We looked around for a little while and saw a video game store. Luke and I started to run toward the store. When we got in the shop Luke saw Sonic and I saw Tails. We begged our mom for them, but she didn’t get them.

A few weeks later it was Christmas. We were so excited! Luke and I tore through the wrapping paper, we got a lot of games and a Sega Genesis. Then she took a few presents from the closet. I always hated when she did that.

We opened them to find Sonic and Tails! We loved them so much we brought them everywhere.

One time Tails’ tail got ripped and my mom had to sew it. I remember runnning up to her screaming bloody murder, “IT’S RIPPED, IT’S RIPPED!” She told me to shut up and she fixed it, but she didn’t have any sewing stuff so she used a glue gun instead.

Luke and I started to forget how much we loved our favorite toys. Slowly they went further and further under the bed. We would forget we had them totally. It wasn’t until we moved from Hastings to St. Paul that we found them again. I stuffed Tails in a big box and prayed he would arrive at our new house.

Time passed and I grew up. I got new things and put them on the shelf and once again Tails slowly disapperared into the closet. But somehow he always came back to me. It is funny because I totally forgot about him until today. Tails was there for me whenever I needed him, but I kept forgetting about him. He’s just a toy but somehow I’m connected to him and I still love my Tails.

You see it was hard to hold on to anything where I lived. When I go home today I will go into my room and find him. And when I do, I will give him a big hug, appoligize and tell him I will never put him in the closet or underneath the bed. I will put him on the dresser and that is where he will stay. Until I get new ones…

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