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Our Time Here Together

Marie (Great Expectations) Originally published November 2003
Writer’s note: I wrote this after our first learning block at Great Expectations School in Grand Marais. We had school in the Community Center ice rink for the first two and a half months (except for a week that we had to move out because of the County Fair). Being in this place that was certainly not perfect brought us together in a way that probably wouldn’t have if we had started out in a brand new school with everything our hearts desired.

We began our friendships here
and we learned to trust each other.
We had fun when we were together here.
Now we care about each other
and understand each other.
We all learn from each other.
and we can all get things done when we work together.
We help each other
but we do not judge each other’s work.
We laugh together
and we struggle together.
We are all there for each other.
We are happy together
and silly together.
We listen to each other
and we know how the other feels.
We talk together
and care if one is hurt..
We spent time together.
We were all here together.
And now we’re all friends.

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