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ARTech goes to Manito-wish

Nick (Grade 12 / Northfield School of Arts and Technology) Originally published May 2004

Learning to be a leader takes practice. It is necessary, then, to provide young people with opportunities to lead. Barriers to efficient communication must be toppled and foundations of mutual trust and respect need to be built. April 28th thru the 30th [2004], ARTech will be taking a group of 15-20 high school students to Manito-wish, a leadership program in Wisconsin. The Manito-wish Collaborative Leadership model has four stages of development:

  • Trust
  • Try
  • Test
  • Transfer

It begins with group building and trust. Once a group has a sense of cohesion, they practice the Seven Qualities of a Collaborative Leader through the use of problem-solving initiatives. The Seven Qualities of a Manito-wish Collaborative Leader are:

  • Builds a shared vision
  • Builds models… tries it, changes it, tries it again
  • Shares a common space with others
  • Lets others amplify their abilities
  • Knows that follower ship and leadership go together
  • Doesn’t collaborate to turn out the lights
  • Celebrates successful collaborations

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