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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.

Fitness for all at Schoolcraft

Tessa (Grade 02 / Schoolcraft) Originally published May 2004

This is an interview with Linda, the Physical Education teacher and coach of the “Streaks” jump rope club at Schoolcraft Learning Community. Linda is striving to get everyone at Schoolcraft to pursue fitness goals and activities.

  • Q: Why do you want everyone to do a fitness
    A: I would love to see every Schoolcraft person achieve a fitness goal for several reasons:our school is a crew and we’d all be doing this project together, and I’d like to see each person “feel” the success and exhilaration that goes along with setting and reaching a goal.
  • Q: What do you do for fitness?
    A: You build “activity” into your daily life. You walk, run, bike, etcetera, instead of getting [an automobile] ride when possible. No matter what your job is, you consciously think and make a variety of “movements” possible. I like to swim; others play volleyball or basketball or work out in a gym. Basically you should think about regular exercises and movement that promote endurance, strength, and flexibility. You do not smoke as smoking is directly linked to the development of serious diseases.
  • Q: Why is fitness important for kids?
    A: Being physically fit means having your body working as efficiently as possible and this helps to keep your mind sharp. Kids need to establish an active lifestyle pattern because active kids usually become active adults.
  • Q: Why is physical fitness important for adults?
    A: Establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can avoid many of today’s illnesses and health problems. Diseases like diabetes and heart problems and even cancer are thought to be linked to the lack of a healthy lifestyle. Fit people are much less likely to develop diseases.

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