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Project Sarapiqui — an Adult Perspective

Teachers (Coon Rapids Learning Center) Originally published May 2004

Students at Coon Rapids Learning Center (CRLC), an alternative high school, are spearheading a service learning campaign to benefit the Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center (SCLC) in Costa Rica, which is located in one of the country’s poorest regions. This endeavor is being called Project Sarapiqui: From Students For Students and it will benefit students in Costa Rica who work with SCLC.

The Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center is community outreach program, working with children and adults of Sarapiqui county. SCLC is a non-profit agency, in fact the staff there are fulltime volunteers from the US and Europe, that is always in need of supplies or money. So, students at CRLC have decided to help the Center in two ways. One way is donating school supplies that the Center is in desperate need of. The students are carrying this out by advertising the program at school and asking students to donate school supplies. The school supplies will then be brought to the Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center when a group of students from CRLC take a class trip to Costa Rica at the end of April. The goal is to have the students collect over 350 pounds of school supplies.

The second way students are trying to help students of Sarapiqui county is to support the SCLC High School Scholarship Program. Students in the area often have to quit school after 6th grade because they cannot afford the cost of the education, which is $250.00 a year for 5 years. Students at CRLC believe everyone deserves an opportunity for an education so students are raising money by asking for donations from students, parents, and businesses in the community. The goal is to raise enough money to support a Sarapiqui student through five years of school.

If you would like to help with Project Sarapiqui in any way, we are accepting cash or checks made payable to Coon Rapids Learning Center, and donations of either school supplies or money should be brought to Brandi Greer or Theresa Boisjolie, advisors at Coon Rapids Learning Center. Questions can be addressed at this number: +1 763-862-9223.

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