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Winding Roads

Sheena (Lakes Area) Originally published May 2004

Roughly turning here I go,
Down a road I will never know,
Winding fast speeding through I
Hope there’s nothing around you.

Watching sharply as I turn
Looking forward past the sky
Seeing you kissing her
Had just put pain in my eyes
Knowing she’ll be your next date,
I’ll have to learn to appreciate
Those loving cards you have made.

Receiving the joy you’ve always given
I cry while praying up to heaven
I know God hears me
But the fear is overwhelming,
Sighing with relief when he sits on the balcony.

I know he’s willing to help me with the
Feelings that I’ve lost
Taking my pain and pushing
It aside,
He softly says,
“My love for you will never Die!”

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