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NOTICE: The Charter Vision project is dormant as of January 2008. This website is provided for archival purposes only.

Cooperation Makes us Unique

Joy and Bethany (Grade 11 / Originally published March 2004
Editors’ note: PACT charter school is a K-12 charter school in Anoka, Minnesota.

We feel that PACT Charter School holds special meaning to a lot of people. PACT stands for “Parents Allied with Children and Teachers.” If you would sit in on a steering committee meeting, you would see parents, teachers, and students all voting on changes and improvements to the school. Everyone here has a voice. Parents form the foundation of our school; they make up the boards, oversee the curriculum, manage the teachers that are hired, and are involved in many other aspects of our education.

PACT Charter School is a small school, with about 150 students attending the secondary (7th-12th grade) school. Because of the size, each student receives a lot of personal attention from teachers, most of whom could name every student in the school and know them personally. Teachers work side by side with parents and students to best achieve each student’s personal goals.

The students at our school are encouraged to achieve a higher level of academics. The teachers are very willing to help us with anything, even if it means having students contact them at home. They also come up with creative motivations such as games and award systems. As students, we feel we are not only being educated, but are building life skills and lasting

Overall, our school is very unique. The cooperation between parents, teachers, and students is very special because it combines all of our ideas and opinions to best meet our needs and to achieve a greater goal. PACT Charter School is true to its name: Parents Allied with Children and Teachers.

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